Achieving great customer experience

The Customer Experience Exchange for Retail is taking place this week in London. Amongst a who’s who of brands speaking at the conference is Nespresso. We know from our work with Nespresso that it is a world-leading retail brand for good reason: it has a customer-centric approach and understands the importance of delivering a seamless customer experience across all aspects of its business, including customer research. It values linking data across all channels to gain a single view of customers, and through closed loop feedback continually improves how it operates.

Achieving Great Customer Experience

Consumers are now more powerful than they have ever been. Technology provides them with greater access to retailers and they can shop where they choose, from whichever device they choose, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Greater access and choice means they are more acutely aware and less tolerant of any inconsistencies in the service they receive or their experience of a brand. And they are quick to switch to another brand if they are less than satisfied. Our own research into loyalty proves this.

This lack of tolerance for brand inconsistency doesn’t just apply to shopping, but to all aspects of the brand experience. So it is vital that brands maintain the customer experience across every touch point. Customer research is one such touch point. Wherever feedback is sought it must be carried out in a consistent and considerate way. It must be assigned a priority, used to inform strategy and tactics across the business, and the results of any action taken must be measured. Only then is a virtuous circle of feedback and activity created.

That is exactly what Nespresso wanted to achieve. So we worked to develop a research solution that would enable it to consolidate its customer insight practices and to source feedback in not only a systematic way across multiple markets, but also in a customer-friendly fashion that reflected its brand values.

We did this by creating an online panel of more than 45,000 Nespresso Club Members spanning 12 countries including UK, Switzerland, Spain, France, Germany, Korea and Japan. Members were personally invited to join the panel, in the language of their preference, and take part in a range of research activities to tell Nespresso what they thought about its products and services.

Through regular communications, Nespresso demonstrated that it was listening to Club Members’ feedback by sharing information about how it was being used to shape its activities.

One of the changes Nespresso made as a result of Club Members’ feedback was to introduce new delivery services to ensure all customers were able to enjoy Nespresso at the right moment in the right way.

NB: Download a PDF summary of the findings of our Loyalty research or contact us to find out more.

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