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How will our FREE 24 page Online Panel Management Best Practice Guide help you?

Sometimes online research can seem a little like the “wild west”, there are lots of pioneers out there, but not much clear guidance on how they should operate. Whether you are thinking of setting up a new online panel, a research community or managing an existing one, we at Beehive have put together a clear, practical road map to help steer you in the right direction.

Our 7 Principles of custom online panel management will demystify the process of developing your customer panel into a key business asset. This guide will help you tune into the true voice of the customer, improve the integrity and validity of your panel and, through panel enrichment, deliver greater depth of insight in research findings. We will show you techniques to keep your panel in good health and maintain information accuracy, while ensuring your panel members are engaged and motivated.

We highlight tried and tested quality control routines that will help you standardise your practices and improve consistency.  This guide will also help you avoid the potential costly pitfalls of failing to meet legal compliance and Industry codes of practice.

Why is Quality Online Panel Management so important?

Investing in a custom panel pays huge dividends to an organisation, not only in the cost saving that can be gained from conducting research to the group (savings of 40 to 50% not uncommon), but also in the valuable and rapid insight that the panel can give to help make informed decisions and drive businesses forward.

However, when making important decisions that can have an impact upon the success or failure of a new product or service, an ad campaign, a pricing strategy or other strategically important objective, the credibility of the information on which the decision is based must be robust otherwise the wrong direction can be taken.

Your key asset

For this reason the quality of the sample or audience interviewed must therefore be of the highest quality otherwise any cost saving derived can be insignificant to the impact of a misdirected decision. Custom panels therefore, whilst a massive business asset, must be treated as such and the implementation of a well designed custom panel (a separate best practice guide is available on this) and a quality panel management process does lead to better informed decisions, competitive advantage and a better return on the investment.

At Beehive we therefore believe that every custom panel should be treated as the asset it is and by adhering to our principles of best practice will deliver the organisation greater value, more robust results and more informed decisions.

In the guide we have isolated 7 key principles of Best Practice Quality Panel Management that will make an organisation’s custom panel more effective:

7 key principles of Best Practice Quality Panel Management

  • Principle 1 – Diversity and representation – “Obtaining balanced opinions”
  • Principle 2 – Validation and enhancement – “Real people, real information”
  • Principle 3 – Information accuracy – “Keeping it current and true”
  • Principle 4 – Managing engagement – “All people are not the same”
  • Principle 5 – Reporting and monitoring – “Panel health”
  • Principle 6 – Quality control – “Auditable processes”
  • Principle 7 – Compliance – “Keeping it legal”

To obtain your free 24 page guide download here:  Custom Panel Best Practice Guide



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