Customer experience (CX) – Boost loyalty, share of wallet, and word of mouth

Customer experienceImproving the customer experience (CX) requires a clear understanding of the difference between a customer’s expectation and their actual experience. This expectation and experience may be based upon a single interaction, or a number of different ones over time. Thus understanding and mapping the customer journey is an integral part of customer experience management.

However, customer experience is not only about the service they receive. It also extends to the products they buy, the price they pay, the people they interact with, the documents they receive, the advertising they are exposed to, and the processes they are taken through. Customer experience management is therefore about listening to the ‘Voice of the Customer’ (VoC) and closing the gaps between the expectations set by your brand’s promises and the customer’s perception in their journey with you.

It is therefore critical to understand and measure their experience at each of these touch points. However this insight is only valuable if it drives action, improvement, and enables the organisation to develop a customer centric culture.

Monitoring your customer experience

At Beehive we work with some of the world’s leading brands to develop transformational insight programmes.

Our objective is to deliver insight that not only enables organisational change but also delivers a measurable return on investment. We listen to the Voice of the Customer through two types of programme:

CXLite – is a ‘light’ service which covers the main outcome questions on overall satisfaction (CSAT), loyalty, and word of mouth (NPS). We collect verbatim comment to clearly understand the customer perspective. This service also includes options for dissatisfaction alerting (CXAlert) and case management resolution (CXManager).

CXExplore –  is our CX monitoring service and customer centricity audit which covers the above and typically comprises the following elements:

  • Internal stakeholders review
  • Customer journey understanding
  • Touchpoint monitoring
  • Key drivers of loyalty and word of mouth
  • GAP analysis – prioritising improvements
  • Financial impact of experience driven disloyalty
  • Dissatisfaction alerting (CXAlert) and case management (CXManager)

The following three links show the key elements of our CX programmes:

It was great working with Beehive on this project. It allowed the Internet Society to easily manage the research process and translate results into rich analytical content, as well actionable items. I would certainly recommend and hope to work again with Beehive in the future.

F. Zarur, Outreach Manager, ISOC Membership Services
Driving positive business outcomes

CX research provides business with a validation and prioritisation of areas for improvement and a business case (ROI) for putting customers first. Results feed into overall business strategy and operational processes. For ‘customers at risk’, a customised case management system enables the organisation to log and manage remedial action for each dissatisfied customer. Our experts have extensive experience in conducting CX insight programmes globally and nationally. Whether listening to B2B or B2C customers, or ‘internal’ customers or stakeholders, what makes us different is our focus on return of investment of the programme.

Customer experience

Delivering a global Voice of the Customer programme...

Case study

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