Helping you deliver exceptional CX

Helping you understand the gap between your brand promises, customer expectation set by these promises, and the reality of the customer experience with your product or service.

Helping you define your CX strategy, assess your CX Maturity, develop your CX Charter, design and manage your CX measurement programme, and deliver impactful CX insight, analysis and action planning.   

Helping you build exceptional customer experiences and mature as a customer centric organisation.

Our Customer Experience Services

Customer experience consultancy & strategy

CSat, VoC, & Customer experience measurement

Insight, online dashboards & action planning

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“The difference between Beehive and other consultants we met with, was that they were very good at listening to our requirements and able to adapt working style to match our own”
Panos Angelis, Senior Vice President, Client Analytics Officer
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Customer experience consultancy & strategy

Your customers are, without doubt, one of your business’s most important assets. As Customer Experience Consultants, our team understands the challenges that you and your customers can face. 

Our extensive experience enables us to help you to define your CX strategy; understand your customers’, prospects’, and rejecters’ journeys; evaluate your organisation’s CX Maturity; and understand the ‘promises’ you make to customers (and develop a Customer Service Charter/CX Charter)

We help you to engage, motivate and interact with your customers with a renewed focus to maximise sales, profitability and retention.

CSat/ VoC/ CX measurement programmes

Through our team’s extensive experience, we will advise you on the most appropriate programme for your business; whether a traditional customer satisfaction programme, a voice of the customer programme, or a fully integrated CRM/customer experience measurement programme.

We help you understand and measure the experiences that your customers, prospects, and rejecters have with your organisation across their journey with you. We ensure you use the right metrics; whether NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSat (Customer Satisfaction Index), or CES (Customer Effort Score).

To deliver your programme we use CxExplore, our advanced CX toolkit, which enables us to design and manage your CSat, VoC, or CX measurement programme. With multiple modules, we can engage with and listen to customers across multiple channels (web, email, SMS) and securely capture time based or event triggered feedback across multiple touchpoints in their journey with you.

CxExplore toolkit
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Insight, online dashboards, & action planning

Analysing, understanding, and acting upon data and feedback is, to us, the most important part of your CX programme to drive improvement, increase customer satisfaction & loyalty, and deliver ROI.

Our impact reporting explains the ‘WHY’, quantifies the ‘WHAT’, and enables you to make clear and prioritised decisions, and take action for continuous improvement.

We help you understand, interpret, and share insight across your organisation. We do this through analysis of unstructured comments using advanced AI text analytics; development of real-time online dashboards; managing 1:1 dissatisfaction alerts and case management; deep-dive insight analysis; use of advanced analytics; and through ‘story telling’ PPT reporting.

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