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At Beehive, our expert CX consultants are dedicated to crafting bespoke customer experience strategies that will elevate your business. We use our unique CX COMPASS™ framework to assess your organisation’s customer-centricity and identify areas of improvement.

In an era where customers are more connected than ever, we understand the importance of delivering a holistic and superior experience across all channels. We work with you to understand your customers, their values, and needs. And we help bridge the gap between your brand promises and the actual customer experience. Thus ensuring your brand stands out from the competition.

Let us help you build and implement a winning customer experience strategy and forge lasting relationships with your customers. Get in touch with us to learn more today.

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“The difference between Beehive and other consultants we met with, was that they were very good at listening to our requirements and able to adapt working style to match our own”
Panos Angelis, Senior Vice President, Client Analytics Officer
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Customer experience consultancy

As experts in customer experience, we recognize the significance of your customers as invaluable assets to your business. And our team possess an extensive understanding of the challenges faced by both you and your customers.

Leveraging our wealth of experience, we are equipped to assist you in defining your CX strategy, comprehending the journeys of your customers, prospects, and rejecters, and what to prioritise.

With our support, you can effectively engage, motivate, and interact with your customers, placing a renewed emphasis on maximizing sales, profitability, and retention.

Customer experience measurement

Through our team’s expertise, we will provide valuable guidance on selecting the most appropriate programme for your business. Whether it’s a traditional customer satisfaction programme, a voice of the customer programme, or a fully integrated CRM/customer experience measurement programme, we’ve got you covered.

Our goal is to help you comprehend and measure the experiences your customers, prospects, and rejecters have with your organization throughout their journey with you. We ensure the utilization of precise metrics such as NPS (Net Promoter Score), CSat (Customer Satisfaction Index), or CES (Customer Effort Score).

Leveraging our advanced CX toolkit, CxExplore, we can efficiently design and manage your CSat, VoC, or CX measurement programme. With multiple modules, we engage with and listen to customers across various channels (web, email, SMS) and securely capture time-based or event-triggered feedback at multiple touchpoints along their journey with you.

Additionally, we possess expertise in understanding, interpreting, and sharing insights throughout your organization. Our capabilities include analysis of unstructured comments using advanced AI text analytics, development of real-time online dashboards, management of 1:1 dissatisfaction alerts and case management, deep-dive insight analysis, utilization of advanced analytics, and through ‘storytelling’ PPT reporting.

CxExplore toolkit

Customer centricity and maturity

Our expertise lies in guiding organizations to become more customer-centric. To stay ahead in today’s demanding market, businesses must understand their customers’ evolving needs and expectations. It’s not just about external touchpoint experiences; a holistic approach is necessary. Many CX programs overlook the internal and external perspectives, missing out on opportunities for actionable insights and risking customer loss and brand damage.

We offer a strategic and structured approach to assess and benchmark CX maturity. Our unique tool, CX COMPASS™, provides comprehensive insights across seven key pillars of customer experience: Customer, Organization, Measurement, Promises, Action, Staff, and Strategy. By analysing feedback using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we enable organizations to set benchmarks and track performance as they make service improvements.

Taking this holistic approach delivers tangible business impact. It not only enhances customer experiences but also improves employee satisfaction, boosts brand loyalty, and reduces churn rates for customers and employees alike. If you’re looking to elevate your CX program, enhance customer centricity, and transform your business contact us today.


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