Your own customer panel for continuous insight & feedback

We specialise in designing, creating and managing bespoke online customer panels and mini communities, tailored to help you engage with your customers and address your ongoing, unique business challenges. 

We bring their ‘voice’ into the heart of your business, whenever you need it. Whether a short term research community to answer a specific insight need, or a continuous customer panel for ongoing feedback, we design and manage the programme to suit your requirement.

However, we are NOT an access panel company; the panels we manage, and their associated research programmes, are bespoke client owned, and branded, for their exclusive use.

Our panel and research community specialisms...

Virtual online consumer research panels

B2B Advisory Councils
and panels

Online mini research communities

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"By managing this programme for Nespresso, Beehive has delivered cost savings, faster delivery of projects and all without compromising the robustness of the results.…"
Competitive Intelligence & Consumer Insights Manager

Virtual online consumer research panels​

We specialise in designing, building and managing online research panels of your consumer. We link with your existing digital assets (Website or Apps), to provide an agile and cost-effective way to obtain feedback on the numerous topics your business needs answering, in real-time.

With a virtual panel you can engage with customers using various methodologies, without committing extensive resource, or budget, on community moderation and engagement.

B2B Advisory Councils and panels

We help B2B organisations engage with their business customers, stakeholders or C-Suite opinion formers.

Business executives are a time-poor and hard-to-reach audience. However, with an Advisory Council, we help you obtain feedback and opinion from your business customers more effectively by giving them greater control over when and where they respond.

Carefully designed and managed, the B2B Advisory Council can be a very effective way to help transform your business through real-time insight.

Online mini research communities​

For projects that require a more intensive, in-depth and ongoing engagement with a target audience, we help you design, build and manage a short-term mini community of customers.

We recruit participants and engage them in task-based online bulletin boards lasting a number of days, a few weeks or several months.

We develop an initial insight programme to answer your business objectives, but we provide flexibility and agility to evolve the tasks and methodologies so that insight builds throughout the programme.

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