We guarantee to improve your organisation's customer centricity with CX COMPASS™

CX COMPASS™ is Beehive’s proprietary tool to assess, track and benchmark your organisation’s CX maturity and provide you clear direction on what to prioritise to become more customer centric from the inside out and outside in

It enables us to help you understand the gaps between the internal and external perspectives, and performance, of your organisation. It sits alongside your CSat, VoC, or Customer experience programme, and rather than measuring experience with touchpoints, it takes a holistic approach to understand and drive strategic decision making 

Want to assess your organisation and where you sit on the customer experience maturity scale?

The 7 pillars of the CX COMPASS™ Model

Understand the gap between the Internal and External perspective and experience of you organisation across the 7 pillars

cx compass

CUSTOMER – How well you know and understand your customer
ORGANISATION – How well your organisation is structured to maximise a positive CX
MEASUREMENT – How well CX is measured, assessed and embedded and how consistently
PROMISES – How well promises are communicated and met
ACTION – How well CX feedback is shared and actioned (and whether improvements are made)
STAFF – How well staff understand, care about, contribute to and deliver a great customer experience
STRATEGY – How well CX strategy is communicated and championed

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