The challenge - delivering flexible B2B engagement and insight

Harvard Business Review (HBR) wished to engage regularly with global businesses, c-suite leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs to obtain insight, opinion and thought leadership for their own products and services, but also for selected partner organisations wanting to obtain advice from peers.

Engaging with such a distinguished group presents numerous challenges: senior executives are busy people to recruitment; why should they by motivated to participate; how to maintain good response rates; how do you ensure they are not overwhelmed with surveys; and how do you retain their interest? 


The solution

In partnership, Stingray Research, a specialist in media & publishing, Beehive recommended the set up of a virtual Advisory Council (or B2B panel); members were selectively invited to join as VIP advisors to provide their opinion and thought leadership. 

By linking to the HBR website rather than a separate member portal provided reassurance but also cost efficiency. 


“We get research that works hard for us and is properly aligned to our corporate goals. It’s a pleasure working with them and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Research Director

The outcome

The Advisory Council currently engages over 10,000 executives of global businesses in an ongoing collaborative research programme.

Thanks to the AC, HBR can listen to, and engage with, senior leaders across the world.  It facilitates an ongoing dialogue on critical business issues ensuring HBR is at the forefront of thought leadership and critical thinking.

Fresh insight on topical issues and answers to significant corporate issues are gathered quickly and efficiently in a matter of weeks.