The challenge of engaging c-suite executives in a B2B panel

global b2b panelA global publisher came to us back in 2011 with a specific challenge of developing a b2b panel. They needed to engage with global businesses, c-suite leaders, consultants and entrepreneurs to help them obtain regular insight, opinion and thought leadership. They would use this to generate and test product enhancements, web content, pricing strategies, magazine covers, as well as answer key business issues.

Engaging with such a distinguished group presented numerous challenges.  In particular senior executives are busy people so recruitment, motivation to participate, and retention of participants was crucial.

We have been working as a trusted partner of this world-renowned publisher since then.


The solution – develop a global Advisory Council

Our solution was to set up an Advisory Council (or B2B panel) of selected members who would be prepared to participate regularly.  They engage in an ongoing dialogue on critical issues impacting on the publisher and their readers.  Not surprisingly the range of issues covered is vast, touching on business leadership issues, IT challenges, impacts of globalisation to name but a few.

The Advisory council now engages over 10,000 executives of global businesses in an ongoing collaborative research programme.


Delivering Insight

"We don’t just deliver actionable insight. We collaborate with you to ensure you achieve your business goals"

Elke Neuteboom Research Director

The benefits of a global Advisory Council

Money M 126By adopting an advisory council the publisher is now able to conduct a significantly higher number of research projects than were achievable previously on the same budget. Project turnaround is faster and more flexible.  The insights gained are far greater because the ‘big data’ can be linked to research feedback.

Thanks to the advisory council the publisher is able to listen to, and engage with, customers in real-time across the world.  They gather fresh insights into every subject in around three to four weeks, something that would previously have taken months.