The challenge - a global panel of customers for ongoing insight to drive better business decisions

Nespresso has been a disruptive business in the coffee marketplace for many years. Constant innovation into new coffee flavours and ways to prepare coffee, at the same time as supporting coffee growers and caring for the environment, leads to constant business insight demands. 

Nespresso thus required a solution that would be more cost-effective than running ad hoc projects, would enable rapid and agile insight, and allow multiple markets access to results efficiently.

The solution

Beehive designed and built Virtual online panel of more than 72,000 Nespresso Club Members spanning multiple countries. 

Members were personally invited to join the panel, in the language of their preference, and to take part in a range of research activities to tell Nespresso what they think about its products and services.

"By managing this programme for Nespresso, Beehive has delivered cost savings, faster delivery of projects and all without compromising the robustness of the results.…"
Competitive Intelligence & Consumer Insights Manager

The outcome

For over 10 years Nespresso has been able to deliver in excess of 100 projects in multiple markets, rapidly and cost effectively. From original brief, to design, translation, fieldwork, analysis and reporting, projects are typically turned around in less than 28 days providing a toll that enables rapid delivery of insight that the business needs yesterday.

And, through regular interaction, and communication, Nespresso demonstrates it listens to its Club Members by sharing information about how their feedback shapes important products and new innovations.