Is there a gap between the customer needs, the experience you promise and the one customers actually receive?

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. To stay competitive, businesses must have a solid understanding of customer needs and expectations, and must stay in tune with these as they evolve over time.

More than this, though, it’s also essential for organisations to have a clear understanding of internal perceptions of Customer Experience (CX). They must then be able to compare these to external perceptions, and, critically, address any gap between the two.

It’s interesting then that we still find many CX programmes focus on external touchpoint experience. Only the best programmes look at the holistic customer engagement, or the internal versus external perspective, in a consistent manner. As a result, those organisations that don’t are missing critical opportunities to deliver greater actionable insight – leading to the loss of customers, or greater exposure to brand damage.

That’s where a strategic, structured approach to understanding CX Maturity comes in.

Being able to assess and benchmark your CX maturity provides a holistic understanding of every aspect of CX on your organisation, internally and externally. It delivers both the strategic direction needed to identify areas to improve and the tactical insight needed to close the gap between internal and external perceptions and experience. Luckily, we’ve developed a unique tool to allow your organisation to do exactly this. CX COMPASS™ provides a consistent measure of internal and external views and experience across seven key pillars of customer experience: Customer, Organisation, Measurement, Promises, Action, Staff, Strategy.

Using qualitative and quantitative methodologies, we enable organisations to analyse the feedback through the CX COMPASS™ lens, and to set benchmarks upon which to track performance as service improvements are made.

Taking this holistic, structured approach to measuring your organisation’s CX maturity and using the results to guide targeted CX improvements has proven to deliver business impact in every area. Not only does it drive better customer experiences, but it can also improve the employee experience, increase brand loyalty and reduce customer and employee churn – all of which deliver positive ROI for your business.

If you’d like to learn more about CX maturity, how to take your CX program to the next level and how CX Compass can help transform your business, get in touch today.

You can also take a look at our guide to CX Maturity and the path to Customer Centricity

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