The continuous cycle of Customer Centricity

Evidence from the past three years has made one thing about CX clear: organisations that offer the best customer experience constantly check and reset. They re-evaluate themselves, the promises they make, the touchpoint experiences they provide, the consistency of their interactions, and the things they need to measure and change. 

The reason is simple: every aspect of a business must change and flex in anticipation of, or response to, innovation, changing business models or market conditions. As we’ve seen in stark reality since 2020, extraordinary and unforeseen events can cause unprecedented upheaval that can turn customer journeys on their heads and have a huge impact upon an organisation’s ability to deliver products and services. 

As the diagram shows, CX measurement programmes need regular review and assessment to check the relevance and fairness of their approach in order to adapt to change.  


To do this, there are some simple yet critical questions organisations must ask themselves: 

Those that ensure they are gathering the right information, and who constantly check where they stand on the CX maturity scale, will be best placed to inform and achieve true customer centricity throughout their organisation in the longer term. 

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