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Global employee satisfaction research – the challenge

Challenge of a global employee satisfactionHow does a major company conduct global employee satisfaction research across hundreds of countries? In addition, how do they prioritise improvements, take action consistently, and improve business performance? Brands have long been aware of the importance of customer satisfaction. However, the correlation between employee satisfaction and business performance has now been recognised.

Having effective and consistent operations is critical to a global business. And this is particularly true within IT, which is crucial to the efficiency and productivity of employees. But how can you measure employee satisfaction with an IT infrastructure when you have a global and disparate workforce? This was the challenge Beehive faced working for a global world-renowned FMCG company.

The solution to effectively measuring global employee satisfaction

The complexity of running a global study of this magnitude across multiple business segments and languages, with employees all having different types of access to key services, is immediately evident. Beehive’s solution to measuring the operational efficiency was to review the entire programme and business requirements by undertaking a programme of stakeholder interviews with key senior staff to deliver recommendations on how the programme should be developed. Beehive’s solution provided a more focused programme, one that measured both quantitative and qualitative feedback on core services. By introducing key driver analysis using both CHAID and Regression techniques we were able to define, prioritise and recommend actions that enabled service managers globally to implement consistent but localised improvements.


"The team at Beehive are great to work with, they will challenge you to ensure you make the best decisions for your business and deliver on your objectives. The insight they generated on our programme has changed the way we look at our customers."

Global IT Lead, Major FMCG company

The benefits of monitoring global employee satisfaction

Maximising the value of market researchUltimately the project has delivered substantial increases in overall employee satisfaction scores consistently over a number of years. This has driven key benefits which included:

  • A simpler programme to implement and manage, providing longer term efficiency
  • Greater insight into the real drivers of dissatisfaction
  • Improvements in how actions are prioritised
  • A significantly higher proportion of employees (50%) recall having seen action taken to address their concerns
  • Globally senior management and key operational staff can act more consistently, as well as being empowered to focus on the isolated, localised issues that cause the greatest dissatisfaction amongst employees
  • A calculable ROI from the increased employee productivity amongst the 50,000+ workforce