The challenge - customer segmentation and member engagement

Beehive was challenged with helping the Internet Society (ISOC) to develop a customer segmentation and member engagement programme.  With members worldwide they needed to understand the diversity and personas of typical segments. The research needed to define needs to inform a re-branding exercise and feed into the marketing strategy.

The solution

Beehive devised a research programme among ISOC members globally. The segmentation was delivered by using advanced analytical techniques that created member personas which detailed their different needs and engagement with ISOC. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis were able to tell the story of member engagement. The results provided clear understanding of member needs with defined and prioritised actions.

"It was great working with Beehive on this project. It allowed us to easily manage the research process and translate results into rich analytical content, as well actionable items. I would certainly recommend and hope to work again with Beehive in the future."
Outreach Manager

The outcome

The programme has enabled ISOC to identify 4 key member personas; each had different needs and levels of member engagement. By understanding each persona, their key interests and reasons for membership, ISOC are able to refine member benefits and services to meet all their needs. In addition member communication can be focused on the benefits.