The challenge- to obtain regular feedback from residents for one of the UK's largest councils

One of UK’s largest Councils wanted to be able to engage with residents to obtain continuous feedback on the services and support that it provides. It needed to be representative of the diverse population demographics and enable rapid deployment of a variety of research studies, as and when stakeholders needed specific insights.

The solution

Beehive recommended the set up of a Virtual panel, which utilises the power and features of sophisticated panel software, but without the complexity of a fully moderated community or web portal. Beehive recommended using multiple channels to recruit to the panel, to ensure broad representation, whilst also ensuring a cost effective recruitment strategy.

"A 'virtual' panel is a cost effective but powerful tool enabling rapid deployment of feedback surveys and delivering insight that would be more difficult to obtain through ad hoc projects".
Paul Kavanagh

The outcome

A panel enabling stakeholders to gather insight from residents using a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methodologies tailored to meet the specific objective.