The challenge - to design and manage a B2B customer satisfaction tracking programme

PLA are responsible for the management of the tidal Thames, a key gateway for trade, and extensive  infrastructure and services supporting the Capital and the rest of the country. With such a diverse business and multiple stakeholders, PLA wanted to understand how well it met its customer’s needs, areas for improvement, and ultimately optimisation of revenue opportunities.

It also wanted to be able to benchmark services and track performance of customer satisfactions & NPS over time.

The solution

We adopted our 5-stage approach to the implementation of the programme:
Engage > Design > Listen > Share > Drive change, which identified the needs and objectives of key stakeholders; involved the creation of a bespoke programme to meet these objectives; fieldwork management and interview capture; analysis and reporting back to key stakeholders via online dashboard reporting and PPT presentation; recommendation for improvement and action.

"Thanks for the great work this year; The external customer research work was very well received at our away day.  So much so that…  we now want you to do an internal customer survey for us…"
Director of Corporate Affairs

The outcome

PLA were able to understand their customer’s view, the key issues they faced, and the areas they felt service could be improved.  

The online dashboard provided a visual tool to help the Board understand the prioritisation for improvement and a mechanism to benchmark and track against important KPIs, enabling them to make better decisions, and transform the organization.