Employee compliance monitoring – the challenge

Employee compliance monitoring challengeEmployee compliance monitoring, in a timely and cost-effective manner, can be a headache to a global organisation. In today’s highly regulated working environment however, managing compliance is a necessity. And especially if you are one of the world’s leading law firms with 1000’s of partners, lawyers and support staff.

This was the challenge that a leading law firm gave to Beehive; how to deliver a global compliance monitoring programme where local and international legal obligations and deadlines are inconsistent.

The solution

Beehive’s team designed a customised compliance programme. Designed around unique business objectives, the programme measures and reports on compliance issues; certification renewals, registrations and licences to practice, exposure to risk, and skills development.

By integrating an email alert system and a real-time monitoring dashboard of both compliance and non-compliance, our client has immediate access to all the information collected. The system not only triggers alerts to the Compliance Officer where teams or individuals were at risk of failure to deliver to a key deadline, but also generates reports that can be delivered to the governing bodies.


"Thanks for all your work to date on this, a great job"

Head of Compliance, International Law Firm

The benefits

Effective complianceThis programme has helped one of the worlds’ largest law firms to successfully meet the challenge of managing compliance in a timely and cost-effective manner. The benefits of the programme include:

  • An efficient approach to gathering business critical information from time-restricted senior staff
  • Minimising business risk by having a complete picture of employee compliance annually
  • Rapid identification and resolution of any potential professional and business risks before they become an issue
  • Reducing professional liability insurance cost though improved compliance management
  • Limiting the risk of fines, penalties or costly delays
  • Flexibility to expand the programme beyond compliance to include internal systems as well as personnel development and skills assessments
  • Maximising automatically generated reports and reducing the time spent on administration.