Concept testing to reduce the cost of NPD

NPD and concept testingGreat products help to differentiate organisations in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Getting those products beyond a concept into production is a complicated and expensive business. By using the right methodologies, selecting the right audience, designing a suitable NPD market research and concept testing programme and utilising the right analytical techniques, we help remove the risk from the process. Our product and concept testing covers the entire development cycle. This goes from an initial idea through to naming, the messaging, identifying and segmenting the target audience, to the creative of the campaigns that aim to bring them to market.

Test ideas, boost RoI

A key element of our approach is working with you to identify, understand and segment your target audience so you have the maximum chance of success. We’ll provide you with a thorough understanding of attitudes and the appetite for a new idea. Our NPD and concept testing programmes have guided businesses with their communications planning and strategic development. Our crystal clear findings help our clients raise investment and support for ground-breaking ideas.

We can help you with:

  • Concept evaluation
  • Purchase intent
  • Price sensitivity measurement
  • Communication research
  • A/B testing
  • Customer segmentation and market sizing