The challenge - evaluation of a disruptive premium car sharing service

We were challenged to create a research programme to understand the interest in the concept for a disruptive premium car sharing model for major cities, to include:
– The barriers to premium car ownership in cities, and the motivations for a shared ownership of your dream car
– The potential market size and likely take up
– The needs / wants of potential owners

The research needed to support product development, funding & investment, and launch.

The solution

Online quantitative interviews were undertaken with a Nat rep audience of consumers to establish overall market evaluation; buyer motivations; barriers to take up; likelihood to consider; sensitivity to price/ subscription model.

Analytical trade-off techniques were used including the creation of a frame operating module

“Thanks, we’re now live! We've made it over the vast majority of obstacles to get the product together and we've started getting out into the world to build awareness and interest”.
Founder & CEO

The outcome

Through the research we were able to deliver a clear indication of the market size and likely adoption funnel. Also recommendations on refinements to the overall product/ service specification to optimise take up. 

The insight also provided indications on key messages for marketing/ advertising to appeal to target audience personas.

The research was used to underpin a business investment plan, with the product being launched 24 months after the research initiative.