Global employee mobility research – the key to successful global talent management

Global employee mobility researchThe rewards of a successful global employee mobility strategy are huge. Organisations that foster a culture of international flexibility among employees will be able to attract, nurture and retain the best people. Of course this has to be done well. You need to know if you’re getting a return on your investment in global talent management. And if you’re not, what’s the problem and what can you do about it?  These are crucial questions, and you need a global mobility research programme to answer them.

We understand the ins and outs of researching the employee experience. On top of this we’re are experts in managing global insight programmes, reaching out to an international audience. It’s a matter of asking the right people the right questions at the right time.

The focus of our research programmes is understanding employee sentiment. Beyond that, we engage with the other key players that impact on the employee, such as their family and the internal and external support mechanisms. We highlight issues before they become a problem, and offer a consistent programme of measurement to keep businesses on track. Our bespoke approach to global mobility research gives businesses the insight they need to take decisive action to improve their employees’ relocation experience. The end result is the avoidance of costly mistakes and retention of the brightest talent.

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"The team at Beehive are great to work with, they will challenge you to ensure you make the best decisions for your business and deliver on your objectives. The insight they generated on our programme has changed the way we look at our customers."

H Weller, Major FMCG company
Our guide to designing a world-class Global Mobility research programme

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Global mobility research

The challenge of creating a world-class global mobility programme

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