Choosing the right Market Research solution

Using the right tool for the right job

Growing up I was introduced to the term “Brummagem Screwdriver”. A screwdriver is an elegant and precise tool perfectly designed for use with screws. The Brummagem Screwdriver can be used with screws but does not achieve the same results. For people outside the west midlands the term refers to a hammer.

You can use a hammer to drive screws but the results tend to be less than satisfying, likewise you can use a screwdriver to hammer nails with little to no effect. Both the screwdriver and the hammer are highly effective tools when applied in the correct situation. This doesn’t apply just to potentially self-harmful DIY escapades, everyday we make choice after choice to ensure the tools we use give us the results we desire. It’s about using the right tool for the right job.

Choosing the right Market Research solution

Research evolution has brought us “Communities” and as with many new solutions the research community is touted as a silver bullet for many research requirements. There is no denying that the research community methods and applications are potentially vast, but is it always the best solution in every situation? Converting the potential of a community requires a great deal of skill, effort and time and with the wealth of other methodologies and tools available to the researcher the question should perhaps be is it the most appropriate in all situations?

Thus are you using the right tool for the job?

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