How to write a winning award entry

What we’ve learnt about writing a winning award entry.

We’re judging at CX Awards 2018 and the UK eCommerce Awards this year.

We’ve also won and been finalists in a number of awards recently.

As judges, we get to see what a diverse group of businesses are doing in the world of CX and what best practice looks like.  We make new connections across the industry.  We assess the written materials and pitch presentations in a systematic and objective way.  And we see some great examples of written materials and presentations… and some not so great.

Here are our five golden rules for writing a winning award entry based on our experience of being on both sides of the fence.
  1. Make it interesting. Judges have a lot to read, so your submission needs to stand out.  Don’t be boring.
  2. Show the benefit. Demonstrate the impact to the client.  Provide evidence to back your claims. Prove the ROI.
  3. Get client buy-in early. It’s likely there are hoops to jump through to get sign off.  Determine who needs to approve to avoid a last minute panic.
  4. Tell a story. Have a logical plan that flows.  Objectives, strategy, design, challenges, solution, outcome, ROI: make sure you have a structure that makes sense.
  5. Answer the question. As simple as it sounds.  Don’t waffle.  Make sure what you write is relevant.

There you have it.  Five simple rules to help you bag that award and expand your trophy cabinet.

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