Trick or Treat?

Whether you are a fan of Halloween or not, we can all agree that customer experience should be magical, not a howler. Customers deserve to be treated well and not haunted by a scary encounter.

Different strategies, tools and approaches work for different organisations but there are a few fundamental truths that apply to everyone seeking to avoid the horror of providing a bad CX.

Don’t be a monster: If customer facing staff are rude, unhelpful, defensive and, even worse, tell the customer they are wrong, you’ll sour the relationship and scare them off forever.

Cast a few spells: Whether processes are in place to fix things when they go wrong, remember that you are in control and have the power to provide a refund, offer redelivery or do anything else to solve a problem.

Don’t hide behind a mask: Instead of glossing over the facts or failing to understand how customers are feeling when things go wrong, encourage customers to voice their concerns. Show some empathy for them and the situation in which they find themselves.

A few kind words really can help to end the nightmare!

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