Back to the future: resetting the CX dial

Back to the future: resetting the CX dial

In order to overcome the challenges posed by changes in the work environment over the past 18 months and to harness opportunities presented by the accelerated move to all things digital, it’s clear that companies that have been more flexible or adaptable in their approach to doing business have been better able to make the most of change, not be hindered by it.

Those that have been more successful during this period have also embraced the fact that engaged employees are a key component in the customer experience (CX) triangle and therefore their ongoing success.

As the return to the office now begins in earnest, it’s therefore vital that businesses recognise that supporting their employees with the right training and resources will play a key role in their ability to deliver on the promises the business has made so that it can meet, and potentially exceed, customer expectation.

This is borne out by the findings of the BSI 2021 Organisational Resilience Index which found that, it is people that are central to an organisation’s resilience.  Looking after the wellbeing of employees, customers and communities was proven to be vital for rebuilding Organisational Resilience and there was a clear link between Organisational Resilience and financial performance with 57% expecting a stronger 2021.

Companies that want to ensure that the return to the office – either full-time or a few days a week – enables them to rebuild, survive, thrive, grow are faced with the pressing need to establish what they are doing well as a customer facing organisation and what needs changing.

What can companies do to reset the CX dial so that they are prepared for the future?

Check what customers want: Has what you offer changed over recent months? Do you know if you are meeting demand or missing an opportunity? Are you able to track changing customer preferences and requirements so that you can change course or plan ahead for the next 12 months?

Check that employees know what’s expected of them: Do your staff have the knowledge and skills to provide a seamless experience for customers whether they are working from home or in the office? Do you clearly communicate and share your vision for customer service excellence? Are you confident that your on-boarding, mentoring and collaboration processes will ensure that employees will be able to deliver on the promises you’ve made as a business?

Check that CX processes are fit for purpose: Do you know if your customer facing processes delight your customers or frustrate them? Are you prepared to do things differently so that customers get a frictionless experience any time and via any channel?

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