Marketing communication research – the challenge

marketing communication research challengeDelivering an effective global marketing communication research programme among students and alumni is a challenge? Keeping in touch with alumni and benefactors can be costly. The Open University (OU) challenged Beehive to conduct a strategic review of its communications, to measure impact and effectiveness, and to assess how they could be improved. Two years later Beehive was asked to repeat the exercise and evaluate the changes that were put in place.he solution

The research objective was to enable the OU’s Communications and Development team to provide the most effective strategy for getting its message across to its diverse range of target audiences. This included students at varying levels of course completion, alumni, and “dormant” students who had not completed their qualification. It was essential to determine which channels of communication were most appropriate to each of the stakeholders and, within those channels, which communications vehicles were most effective.

I knew there was a reason I like working with you!

J. Nunn, Project Administrator

The benefits

maximising the value of market researchThe findings highlighted the different communications needs of students and alumni and the most effective channels to use when communicating with each of them. It also showed how the different communications were received and what OU needed to do to raise awareness of its key communications vehicles. As a result of the research, OU has developed a more cost-effective and streamlined communications plan.

The findings have been used to drive change in other communications-related issues. These include:

  • such as managing and developing reputation
  • improving positive onward communications
  • supporting retention and recruitment
  • increasing re-registration/continuous study
  • inspiring ambassadors
  • increasing fundraising awareness and philanthropic support