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A global panel of customers – the challenge

A global panel - the challengeThe creation of a global panel of customers has been critical to delivering consistent brand strategy and new product innovation for Nespresso. In 2011 Beehive were challenged to devise a research solution that would consolidate its customer insight practices to obtain feedback in a systematic way across multiple markets, allowing it continually to improve performance. We have been working as a trusted partner of the luxury coffee brand since then.

The solution – development of a multi-lingual online panel for customer research

Beehive developed and manages an online panel of more than 72,000 Nespresso Club Members spanning 16 countries, including Israel and Japan. Members are personally invited to join the panel, in the language of their preference, and take part in a range of research activities to tell Nespresso what they think about its products and services.

Through regular communication, Nespresso demonstrates it listens to Club Members by sharing information about how their feedback shapes important products and new innovations.

And the benefits to Nespresso were…

By managing this programme for Nespresso, Beehive has delivered cost savings, faster delivery of projects and all without compromising the robustness of the results.

Competitive Intelligence & Consumer Insights Manager

The benefits

Getting value from market researchNespresso Club members have told us that their participation has enhanced their brand experience, as they feel more involved in the decisions the company makes.

In parallel tests to benchmark Beehive’s approach against the existing one, Beehive not only excelled in its response time, but also provided a significant cost saving (25% of the original expenditure), without compromising the integrity of the research itself.

Thanks to the online community, Nespresso listens to customer feedback in real-time across multiple markets and gathers fresh insight in around three to four weeks, something that would previously have taken months.