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Managing global customer satisfaction – the challenge

Global customer satisfactionGlobal customer satisfaction is key when a brand’s vision is to become a leader in terms of style, quality and personality, performance and customer experience. To achieve this vision requires a detailed knowledge of a customers’ purchase and ownership experience and a clear direction as to what to prioritise and where to focus improvements. Aston Martin challenged Beehive to develop a bespoke global customer satisfaction programme. The programme needed to be wide-ranging and cover multiple aspects of the customer experience as well as provide accurate, real-time customer feedback and tangible recommendations.

The solution – a global Voice of the Customer (VoC) programme

Working with Aston Martin, we developed a sophisticated programme aligned to Aston’s CRM system to understand the customer’s relationship with their car and dealer. Owners provide feedback on their experience of purchasing and owning their car via a series of surveys issued at specific points. Dissatisfaction triggers real-time alerts to enable 1:1 interaction and resolution. Being a global programme verbatim also requires real-time translation and coding. Insight is delivered via a mixture of online reporting, quarterly dealer and product reports.

And the benefits to Aston Martin have been…

Giving customers a voice

"At Aston Martin, we put our customers at the heart of our business and strive to continue to deliver products and experiences that meet the customer’s emotional and rational needs. The VOC programme provides a channel for our customers to have a voice and give their opinions. The insight gained from this feedback is extremely valuable and is used extensively, to inform strategic, product and marketing decisions"

Senior Manager, Global Customer & Market Intelligence

The benefits of a global VoC programme

Getting value from market researchThis approach has enabled Aston Martin to become a more customer-centric organisation. Aston Martin now has much greater insight into the customer experience thanks to more regular, detailed surveys that are mapped directly onto the company’s internal performance metrics.  On top of this they are delivered at more timely intervals in the customer journey, and over a longer ownership period.

This greater depth of data also enables the company to analyse key issues in more detail and identify improvements more readily. Authentic, real-time results and recommendations enable various departments to respond to customer dissatisfaction immediately, helping Aston Martin to provide a truly one-to-one service and build strong, lasting customer relationships.