Online research communities and customer panels, a direct link to your customers so you always know what they think.

Online research communities and customer panelsWe are not an access panel company. Instead we specialise in designing, creating and managing custom online customer panels & communities, to help you address your business challenges. They allow you to get up close and personal with your customers. And by listening to customers regularly we bring their voice into the heart of your business, every day.

Regular ongoing dialogue with your customers

Whether using your own online research panel or online research community, you enter into an ongoing dialogue with your customers. This offers invaluable feedback and insight into everything, from the big picture to day-to-day concerns. Engage in 2 way conversations, conduct rapid polls, quantify concepts and ideas, or undertake detailed studies. Whatever the purpose, you gain a direct connection to those that matter to your business.

We design, build and manage Business-to-Consumer (B2C) consumer panels or communities, and Business-to-Business (B2B) panels and advisory councils. tap into a panel of industry experts to sound out ideas

Online research panels and communities offer a continuous customer dialogue

Our clients use these continuous conversations for a host of purposes, such as new product developments and idea creation, or product concept and advertising campaign testing. Thus panel members can participate in a multitude of research tasks. These can range from simple surveys to moderated discussions, online diaries for ethnographic projects, or ad hoc exercises to provide your business with rich, relevant insight.

When combined with Beehive’s expertise in data analysis and visualisation, online panels and communities can provide an exceptional level of insight and customer engagement.

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By managing this programme for Nespresso, Beehive has delivered cost savings, faster delivery of projects and all without compromising the robustness of the results.

F. Laforge, Competitive Intelligence & Consumer Insights Manager

Our best practice guides to online panels and communities

Click on one of the images below to Download a copy of our best practice guides to designing and managing:

  • a B2B research panel/ Advisory Council, OR,
  •  a B2C consumer panel/ community

Advisory councils & B2B panels best practice guideConsumer custom research panels and communities best practice guide


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