Insight to understand brand position and optimise messaging

We design bespoke research programmes to assist you with the understanding and awareness of your brand.

We deliver insight to help you understand your brand position compared to your competition; the key drivers pushing customers to, or away from, your brand; the perception of your brand promises; how to optimise messaging. When linked our Product Development research services, we are able to deliver insight across the complete product, or service, lifecycle.

Our Brand and Marketing Research Services

“Thank you so much, happy with everything! This has certainly informed the decisions around rebranding strategy, and marketing communication messaging.”
Major Retirement Home Company
Group Marketing Executive

The benefits of our tailored approach to Brand and Marketing research...


Maximise the impact that branding, imagery, tone of voice and messaging have on profitability


Identify which features will appeal the most and eliminate potential barriers to a success marketing strategy

Competitive advantage

Understanding you customers and prospects, and the appeal of your branding and messaging drives competitive advantage

Segmentation & personas

Understand who your customers are, their typical personas, and which segments are more important to your brand


Ensuring your branding and messaging resonates with customers and continues to drive loyalty

Optimised messaging

Hone your marketing and messaging with granular-level detail on potential customers; what motivates them, and what puts them off

And our clients will testify...

“Many thanks for the report. I am hugely impressed, it looks great and will provide a lot of points to debate.”
Marketing Manager
"It was great working with Beehive on this project. It allowed the Internet Society to easily manage the research process and translate results into rich analytical content, as well actionable items. I would certainly recommend and hope to work again with Beehive in the future.”
Outreach Manager
"Thank you for fulfilling the project successfully. We appreciate your analysis and summarizing the important results in a meaningful way."
Market Research Manager
Veterinary Product company

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