Voice of the Customer consulting (VoC)

To truly understand your customers’ experiences, we need to hear their voice.
Voice of the Customer (VOC) research allows us to:

  • Listen to customer’s expectations and feedback
  • Analyse experiences across the full customer journey
  • Report sentiment in real-time
  • Take action to improve

How we help deliver global voice of the customer research

We’re here to help you see through the noise and convert feedback into actionable and practical solutions for your organisation.

One of our specialisms is online global feedback programme delivery using multiple languages. We provide a complete translation service and have extensive experience of the best practice and avoiding linguistic pitfalls.

We work with specialist native speaking translation agencies to design your programme, while using our CXTranslator module to manage verbatim feedback comments in real-time for an accurate and cost effective solution.

I would like to say a big thank you for all your hard work on this project. Timescales have been tight but you have consistently delivered high quality outputs and kept us updated every step of the way, which has been much appreciated. It's been a pleasure working with you and your team.

Research Lead, Transport

Our Voice of the Customer Toolkit

Your customer experience programme will be tailored to your specific needs and business objectives. Our CXExplore toolkit gives us feedback at each point in your customers’ journey. CXExplore is comprised of multiple modules, allowing you us to listen to customers, share insights, and enable you to take action all in one place.

Our voice of the customer toolkit allows you to:

Listen to customer experiences

  • Digital and website feedback from CXDigital
  • Multi-channel feedback from CXVoice (including email, SMS, APP, CAPI, CATI, IVR, QR)

Share Insights with Stakeholders

  • Real-time dashboard and reporting from CXReporter
  • On the fly coding from CXCoder
  • Wordcloud test analysis from CXCloud
  • AI sentiment and text analytics from CXAutoText

Take Action with ‘at risk’ customers

  • Dissatisfaction alerts from CXAlert
  • Manage customers 1:1 from CXManager

Gathering customer feedback

To get the best data to work form, we work with you to design the programme to use the most appropriate feedback mechanisms, such as:

  • ‘push’ notifications
    such as, email, text (SMS), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Computer aided telephone interviews (CATI), or mobile Apps, OR
  • ‘pull’ methodologies
    such as digital feedback via web pop-ups or feedback buttons; in-store or point of sale (POS) feedback via QR codes, phone ‘short codes’, URL’s on till receipts, OR
  • ‘listening’ channels
    such as social media, email communication, or call centre feedback

This allows us to listen and understand your customers’ entire experience, with all feedback stored in one place.

Why Beehive Research?

We’re an award-winning customer experience market research agency.
Our staff are experts in delivering customer experience insight programmes globally and nationally. And, whether we are listening to business (B2B) or consumer (B2C) customers, what makes us different is our focus on return of investment of the programme.

To book a demo of CXExplore and the various modules, why not:

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