Voice of the Customer (VoC)

Our Voice of the Customer (VoC) research programmes enable you to collect feedback at each touchpoint in your customers’ journey. As we monitor multiple touchpoints using various methodologies we capture the Voice of the Customer, whether prospects, customers or lapsed-customers. In addition, when designing the programme we ensure it reflects your business, the unique customer journeys, and the communication channels/touchpoints used.

We capture the full spectrum of feedback, whether actively solicited i.e. push feedback  such as email, SMS, IVR, or App surveys, or the more spontaneous i.e. pull feedback such as social media, etc.

Voice of the customer and Customer experience

Choose the right metric to measure

Fundamental to all Voice of the Customer (and customer experience) programmes is to ensure we help you use the right metric. At Beehive we ensure this by understanding your business and the objectives and choosing the appropriate metric, whether that be:

  • Customer Effort Score (CES)
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Overall satisfaction scores (CSat)
  • Customer Satisfaction Indices (CSI)

Our primary objective is to devise programmes that deliver insight enabling effective decision making and transformational business change. But, we also need to ensure it make sense to the customer.

Gathering global feedback

One of our specialisms is the delivery of online global feedback programmes using multiple languages. For these multi-lingual programmes we provide a complete translation service. And when setting them up we work with specialist native speaking translation agencies. However when dealing with customer verbatim feedback comments we provide two solutions; one being manual translation and the other automated.

With manual translation we provide an accurate translation of what global customers are saying using native speakers. Currently this delivers a far higher accuracy of translation and interpretation of colloquial language than automation. However we generally recommend this for lower volume programmes and verbatim comments.

AutoTranslate is our real-time auto translation tool that we use to rapidly translate multiple language feedback into a common language. This is very cost effective and with a translation accuracy of around c.90% it is best suited to higher volume verbatim programmes.

When combined with AutoCode or AutoText solutions (see Analyse customer experience feedback) we are able to deliver cost effective quantified analysis of verbatim comments.