Customer experience insight and analysis

We help you interpret, analyse and share insight from your customer experience programme. And we do this in several ways:

Real-time online dashboards & reporting

Analyse customer experience with real-time dashboards & online reportingOur real-time online dashboards and reporting allow executives to monitor and track customer experience performance and trends. And for ease of access we also make online reports accessible on PC’s, tablets, and mobile phones. In addition for security, we only grant access via unique hierarchical role based username/password logins.

  • Executive dashboards display KPI performance and trends
  • Cross-tab table builders enable self-report creation
  • Filters and drill down features enable deeper-dive analysis
  • Verbatim hit lists enable clearer understanding of open text comment and sentiment
  • Statistical significance testing and advanced analytical features ensure reliable insight

Verbatim (open text) analysis

Customers often provide extremely rich feedback in written form via surveys, email, social media or other communication channel. Because this is often unstructured and of higher volume, it can be extremely time consuming to analyse and interpret. In order to understand these rich feedback sources we use AutoText and AutoCode, our advanced tools for verbatim (open text) analysis:

AutoText - verbatim analysisCXAutoText – our advanced solution for continuous customer experience programmes and sources of higher volume verbatim comment. By using complex lexicons CXAutoText understands unstructured verbatim and code it into categories and sentiment. In addition we link these categories and sentiment back to the online reporting thus providing real-time trending and analysis of customer sentiment.

CXCoder – our semi-automated online coding system that enables us to code open text comments ‘on-the-fly’ using our online portal and a predefined code frame. Once coded the verbatim automatically becomes available in online reporting for trend analysis or quantitative in-depth analysis. Hence due to the semi-automated nature of this tool, we typically use it on lower volume customer experience programmes or verbatim responses.

Advanced analytics

To analyse customer experience effectively, we always design the programme with the most appropriate analysis technique(s) in mind. Therefore, by doing this, we are better able to interpret and prioritise actions and improvements.

Financial impact modellingFinancial impact modelling is one effective technique we use in customer experience programmes. By combining repurchase intention (actual or intended) with intention to recommend (actual or intended) we can estimate the level of revenue lost due to particular problems or issues. Thus we are able to compare the investment required for remedial action to revenue lost (if nothing were done) and provide an informed recommendation for executive decision making.

For more details on the advanced analytical techniques we use, see our Advanced Analytics section.

Customised insight reporting (offline)

Our customised PowerPoint insight reports provide in-depth analysis, interpretation and recommendations on your customer experience programme. Furthermore our reports are designed to ‘tell the story’. We typically provide these on a regular basis i.e. quarterly, six-monthly or annually, depending upon the business need.

In addition, we tailor these reports for specific audiences, whether that be:

  • a deep dive exploration into a specific topic of interest
  • a report to aid strategic decision making
  • a detailed focus on a particular division/department

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