Using advanced analytics to drive insight

advanced analyticsWe select the appropriate technique, from an array of advanced analytics, to uncover and convey practical insights. Thus by choosing the right technique we are able to support your strategic decision making.

Many of the analytical methods can be complex and technical. However, we promise to be transparent and informative, and we won’t weigh you down with “jargon”. Therefore we ensure you can focus on what’s important, by applying what we discover to drive your business forwards.
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Examples of some of the techniques we use, and their application:

  • Key Driver Analysis – to help business prioritise improvements, action planning and set financial incentive schemes by identifying drivers of satisfaction/dissatisfaction, or loyalty;
  • Segmentation – to identify and classify people into specific groups for the purpose of targeted marketing campaigns (Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis, Latent Class Analysis, Discriminant Analysis);
  • Trade-off analysis – to optimise brand, product or service offering (Conjoint Analysis, Discreet Choice Modelling (DCM), Max Diff, and TURF Analysis);
  • Pricing Sensitivity Analysis – to help business maximise market share and arrive at an optimal price level for a new product (e.g. Van Westendorp);
  • Perceptual Mapping – to demonstrate how brands, products or services are perceived, and how they differentiate from the competition (e.g. Correspondence mapping/ factor based maps).

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OR, take a look at some examples of how we have applied advanced analytical techniques to deliver insight: