Why do customers stay loyal – even when they know they could save money by switching?

Why do customers stay loyal?

That’s the question we wanted to answer when we set out to understand ‘Loyal Losers’ recently.

Through a combination of a quantitative survey and qualitative research using a sample from Panelbase, we were able to identify four distinct consumer segments:

  • Conditioned Switchers
  • Sceptical Loyalists
  • Passive Loyalists
  • Loyal Opportunity Switchers


Understanding these four groups can help marketers understand what makes people tick and what strategies and tactics to employ to reach them.

Beehive MD Paul Kavanagh, who led the research, says: “Price isn’t the most important factor for a lot of people – and loyalty isn’t just about loyalty points. Some of the people we interviewed were really passionate about the fact that they didn’t want to leave a provider, but they felt they’ve been given no choice.”

You can download a PDF copy of the article here or simply get in touch with us to understand how the findings could impact your brand.

These findings were published in Marketing Week on 17th October 2013, view the article here

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