Wishing you a very merry Christmas from Beehive Research.

Merry xmas
Beehive wishes everyone a very merry Xmas and a happy New Year.  Instead of sending clients, partners, associates and prospective clients a conventional Xmas greetings card, Beehive, as in previous years, sent out ecards instead  to help the environment (less use of paper) and to use the money spent on cards and postage on a better cause.

For people in third world countries, bees are a lifeline.

This year we sponsored FOUR beehives in third world countries like Bolivia, India and Africa. Honey is a popular source of nutrition (particularly when other foods are scarce). Our hives (abuzz with bees) will be a welcome source of income to poor, landless families. With the money they make from selling honey, they can buy food and clothes and educate their children.
Who would have thought that bees could be such a powerful force in the struggle against poverty? And like the online research panels and communities we provide our clients they will have a real buzz.

Best Regards and a Merry Christmas

Beehive Research

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