Our Story

The story began in 2007 when Paul Kavanagh and Rune Wennesland met over coffee to discuss setting up Beehive, a market research agency based in London. 

Both felt they could achieve more by branching out on their own, so that’s exactly what they did. And consequently Beehive was created, a specialised market research agency. Ultimately it was achieved by combining complementary expertise and a shared conviction to transform business decision making. 

Our Mission

"To deliver accessible insight that ‘tells a story’ with clear recommendation and action prioritisation enabling informed decision making that can transform your business"
Paul Kavanagh

Our Fresh Approach

At Beehive we do things differently, by offering a fresh approach to market research. Hardly a unique claim, but we believe we can back it up.

Everything starts with your business challenge. We’ll sit down with you to understand what it is you want to achieve, and we’ll bring our experience, enthusiasm and imagination to the table to see how we can best address your challenge.

It’s not rocket science but it works, as our long-term research partnerships prove.

Our Hive

Our Hive is made up of experts who have a passion for delivering insight that can transform your business…

Paul Kavanagh


Paul has spent his career helping brands to understand and engage with their customers. A creative thinker able to take strategic view whilst also understanding the detail.

Funfact: In his earlier life Paul was as a Premier Division White Water slalom kayaker but now enjoys the peace of the skies as a keen glider pilot.

Nicole Holt

research director

Nicole has over 20 years’ experience of designing, implementing and analysing global research programmes. Specialising in CX research, with a focus on creative solutions, pragmatic results and visually engaging insight presentations.

Funfact:  Often found outdoors, walking in the woods, swinging a kettlebell, taking photographs or running cross country.

Tom Raybould

senior tech account manager

Formerly at Experian’s Canvasse Opinion, Tom has extensive knowledge designing the web pages for online research panels, integrating these into online research software and managing panels and related research projects.

Funfact: Tom has a black belt in Taekwondo and won gold at the Unified ITF World Championships in 2013.

Marta Niska

Marketing Exec

Marta earned a Master’s degree in Global Business Management including modules in marketing. More recently specialising in Digital Marketing with emphasis social-media, email marketing, search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising. 

Funfact: Marta enjoys creating her own experimental recipes, using ingredients you’ve probably never heard of!

Georgia Browne

Research exec

Georgia has a First Class Honours degree in Psychology. She holds a deep fascination with people, what motivates them to do what they do and make the choices they make, which led her into a career in market research.

Funfact: Georgia is a keen knitter and loves making bags out of recycled t-shirts!


If you think you’d be a good fit for the Hive, please contact us to hear about current opportunities.

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Our values

QUALITY is at the heart of everything we do, whether in project delivery; insight and recommendation; or customer interaction, and defined by:

whatever the task in hand, we deal with it early and proactively; communication is timely and clear. Expectations are fully managed and exceeded. Employees proactively seek self-improvement and learning

in every aspect of what we do we are creative and innovative. At all times we look for ways to add value, create client delight and go the extra mile

like bees in a hive, our collective work ethic, co-operation and altruistic behaviour is what makes Beehive different.

underpinning everything we do with clients, suppliers, and each other within the ‘Hive’

a caring, respectful, and supportive culture which creates an enjoyable working environment; where knowledge is shared; employees are developed; excellence is encouraged; and collective goals achieved