Customer experience action plan

To ensure your programme delivers a return on investment, we work with you to develop customer experience action plans. These plans are developed and reviewed at regular stakeholder workshops to ensure continuous improvement, to embed the programme in the business, and to develop a customer centric culture. And our programmes deliver this in several ways:

Dissatisfaction alerting

Alerting - customer experience action plan

Using our real-time dissatisfaction alerting module (CXAlert) enables swift action to be taken when a customer is dissatisfied. By doing this we can improve customer retention and also alert the business to potential real-time issues that may be occurring at a specific touch point.

CXAlert – is our automated alerting system that triggers an email alert as soon an interview is completed. We specify business rules to automatically send these alerts to a designated person, warning of a customer at risk. Generally, we recommend this alerting system for low volume/ higher customer value customer experience programmes (e.g. B2B, or High Net Worth consumers). However we can equally apply it to higher volume programmes.

 1 to 1 case management & resolution

CX Manager case management

Higher volumes of dissatisfaction alerts can make it difficult for an organisation to keep track of which customers’ cases have been resolved. Hence to manage this we use our real-time case management system CXManager. Consequently this enables an organisation to manage cases more efficiently.

CXManager – is an easy to use module linked to our online reporting system that keeps all alerts in one place. Thus by using CXManager we ensure that the actions taken by employees are logged and reviewed whilst the the case is open. Furthermore we also programme CXManager to escalate issues to senior management when resolution cannot be achieved. And by allocating user profile hierarchies we ensure that only those responsible for specific customers see alerts relating to them.

Customer experience action plan & implementation

Using real-time monitoring we are able to deliver actionable insight to the organisation. However, we deliver the real return on investment through prioritised action planning and implementation strategy. To achieve this our insight specialists work closely with internal stakeholders. Through analysis we help interpret the data, help create practical action plans and facilitate implementation workshops.

Driving cultural change

Frequently large organisations become fractured with ‘silos’ that impact upon the customer experience. As a result, we work closely with customer experience stakeholders to deliver insight that identifies areas where cultural change is required. By identifying any issues we are able to recommend where internal structure may be impacting customer experience, loyalty, retention, and ultimately the financial bottom line.

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