The challenge

A global business was facing a re-branding challenge. Anecdotally, they had discovered their company logo may induce a negative brand perception among their target customer audience. Consequently they were keen to avoid making a similar mistake again. Hence they wanted to thoroughly test the logos and their associated brand perceptions.

The solution

Our approach was to set up a focus group to explore consumer sentiment. First of all we showed respondents a number of logo designs. Secondly we asked them to select which attributes (from a long list) they associated with each. Using perceptual mapping we plotted the logos against the attributes and clearly showed respondent sentiment to the alternatives.

“Perceptual mapping (correspondence analysis) is a diagrammatic technique used to visually display the perceptions of customers or potential customers. It is particularly effective in A/B testing of products or designs against various attributes which are then traced or plotted (mapped) on a chart.”

The Impact

Firstly the perceptual mapping exercise clearly confirmed that the current logo was perceived in a slightly negative way.  On top of this we identified two new designs that displayed more positive brand attributes. Consequently the company was able to re-brand confidently.