The challenge

The board of a global FMCG brand was concerned that the business was losing money through operational inefficiency. They believed that employee dissatisfaction was having a negative impact on employee experience and engagement. 

With over 50,000 employees worldwide they were keen to improve overall business performance in all sites across the globe. Firstly they needed a clear understanding  of the key issues. Secondly they needed a clear prioritised plan to address the causes of dissatisfaction.

The Analysis solution

We identified CHAID and Regression analytical techniques to be best deliver a multi-level Key Driver Analysis, and we devised a staff questionnaire to obtain staff sentiment in the right format. We sent the survey to all staff worldwide, generating over 20k completed interviews.

“The team at Beehive are great to work with, they will challenge you to ensure you make the best decisions for your business and deliver on your objectives. The insight they generated on our programme has changed the way we look at our customers.”
Major FMCG company
Global IT Lead

The Impact

Our Key Driver Analysis highlighted the impact certain operational elements were having on overall satisfaction. Using Chaid and Regression analysis in combination we delved into each of these factors and identified those sub-factors impacting most on satisfaction.

From this we developed priority action plans for global service managers to implement consistent but localised improvements. These prioritised action plans led to a significant increase in overall employee satisfaction and productivity. Using a simple ROI analysis model we were also able to demonstrate that, at its very lowest level, productivity improvements had saved the business a minimum of £1.05m in the first year alone.